Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Things that won't run on my x64 machine...

I have had very few programs refuse to install. Most just run as 32 bit without issue.

These programs will not install...

  1. Daemon Tools - new release (v4) that will support x64 expected soon.
  2. Virtual Server - R2 version update will support x64. Currently in beta.
  3. MSN Desktop Search - no update expected that I could find
  4. Google Desktop Search - no update expected that I could find.
  5. Printer driver for Dell Inkjet 720 - presumably all Dell inkjets?
  6. cvsnt - at least it won't run. Not sure of the actual issue. Does great in win32.

This one requires a simple workaround...

  1. x64 Flash plug-in (and all other plug-ins as far as I can tell) - no mention of an update coming that I have found. 32-bit explorer works just fine though.

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