Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Community Server Training Class Announced

I haven't been into writing much content here lately as I have been focusing on class materials and labs for our upcoming Community Server training class.

I am really excited about this, and even more so today as we finally announce the date and costs and open up registration! The class will be April 27th-29th and will cover everything from basic site configuration to creating custom chameleon controls. At ATGi we're very excited, and a little bit nervous, but I think the content is excellent and can't wait to give the class.

If you are working with Community Server as a customized community platform, check it out:

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bright Cove Controls for Community Server

I have published a project on code plex with a set of tools and controls for working with Bright Cove video inside Community Server.

It includes
  • A Bright Cove video File Viewer
  • A Bright Cove video Content Fragment
  • List, data, and image Chameleon controls that work directly against the BC Media API.

Use it if you need it, join me in updating it if you need more features.

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