Monday, October 03, 2005

Team Foundation Beta 3

Let the fun begin! - I now have the latest RC's and now the beta 3 of the TFS. I installed the RC's the day after they came out, and have been waiting on the beta. Downloaded it last Friday, but ran into an issue rather quickly with the SharePoint Services configuration. I was able to quickly isolate the cause of this annoying error because the docs clearly state you need to install in Server Farm mode. However, no such choice is presented. Thanks to the following post:

...the answer is provided.

Moving beyond that however, I ran into an issue with the web service validators. Strangely, all this required was that I go to the services myself and run the registration service from the browser. Then, a 'retry' made it go.

That being solved, we get to our next issue: cannot connect to the Analysis server! Opening my Management Studio, I try to connect to the server and get a more helpful error. This error indicates that "under default settings SQL Server does not allow remote connections". The error indicates it is trying named pipes. I check with my Sql Server Configuration Manager, and sure enough named pipes is disabled. I enable, restart and try again. No help. I can connect in the studio, but setup still complains. After some time installing over and over again, it looks like this one is a sticky domain security issue. I tabled it for now, and just installed TeamServer on a single box.

It runs very slowly on this underpowered machine.
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