Friday, December 15, 2006

Community Server Paged Permissions Grids

The default implementation of Community Server assumes you will have only a handful of roles. This caused me some problems when I added 700 new roles to configure specific admin/user permissions on 350 forums. All of the permissions grids in the control panel are not paged, and neither IE nor Firefox like loading the massive permissions grids into memory.

Thankfully, the answer is quite simple. In order to add paging to all permissions grids in the control panel, you simply make a couple of minor changes to the BasePermissionsGridControl.cs file.

At the bottom of the buildGrid() method you'll see a comment concerning paging just after the call to ApplyUserSettings(). You can delete each line from that point forward since we now want paging.

Next, you need to add an override of ConfigureGrid and add the following single line to the method:


Finally, set the Grid.PageSize property to whatever size you like in the BasePage_Load method (or leave it alone and let the default take over).

Viola! All permissions grids are now paged in the Control Panel.

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