Monday, April 10, 2006

Locating embedded resources

I found it mildly challenging to locate some resources that I had embedded when using the overload ctor for ResourceManager that takes the name of the resource file to load. After some noodling around (and reading anything but the docs for what the baseName should be) it turns out that assembly resources are always named in a 'flat' format that will include the "defaultnamespace" assembly property, and any sub-folder in which the resource file is contained. For example, the resource "ExceptionStrings.resx" in an assembly with the default namespace "TestResources" in the subfolder "Resources" will be:


A good way to figure out what your resource files are called is to perform the following while debugging:

string[] resourceNames =
foreach(string name in resourceNames)
Debug.WriteLine("ResourceName: "+ name);

This will output each resource in your assembly by its full name - which should be the name provided to the ResourceManager ctor (minus the ".resources" file extension).
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