Wednesday, January 18, 2006

XSLT to transform NAnt script to MSBuild

I undertook a side project to write an XSL transform to convert my existing NUnit scripts into MSBuild scripts. The exercise in XSLT was a good refresher for me, and it was a good way to learn MSBuild. Other than that I have to admit the result may be less than useful.

In any case, I have posted the xsl stylesheets.

The main problem I see in using these to any great value is that: first, you could just runNAnt from MSBuild; second, you need additional stylesheet entries for every task; and third, you would either have to write stylesheets for every function found, and potentially write the MSBuild task to substitute for the function. Not worth the effort.

Ah well, perhaps the stylesheets make a good tutorial on how to get things done. On the other hand, since I was just getting back to using XSLT for the first time in several years, perhaps you'll find errors or misuse.
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